My work is driven and shaped by an enduring fascination with the human form, and by an approach that explores the subtleties of body language and behaviour.  I’m drawn to the unique nuances that are the make-up of each individual: their posture, gestures and mannerisms, which communicate hidden thoughts and feelings. 

Through drawing and painting, I look for new ways to uncover human emotions and character, often revolving around a lone figure in a room or cornered space, and suggest the unknown story of each subject.  I am particularly interested in the concept of the hidden and how emotions can be conveyed through body language rather than concentrating primarily on the face.  By not fully disclosing the story within each work, my aim is to arouse curiosity between the character and the narrative direction.

My inspiration is found around me and is of the moment.  I react to and record the time I’m living in today - the people I meet, the fashions and the stream of news and current events.  In my work to capture the intricate beauty of the human form, I focus on creating images that are both structured and immediate.